Each section of the ``Handbook of Australian Meat CD-ROM" is colour coded for easier navigation.
The sections are coloured as follows:

  • AUS-MEAT pages - Red
  • Beef pages - Orange
  • Veal pages - Brown
  • Sheep pages - Green
  • Goat pages - Blue
  • All other section pages - Grey


For normal use of this CD-ROM the ``Back" button on the top right of the screen will take you back one level. In some circumstances (such as following links from the Beef Bone-in through to the Beef Anatomical sections) you will need to use the back button of your browser which will remember the last Visited page.
The ``Home" button will return you to the Main Menu.


You are able to print any of the pages contained in this CD-ROM however different results will be obtained when using different browser and printer combinations.

 If some pages are too wide to print then try the following:

  • In ``Page Setup" reduce the margin size to a minimum of .25" or 6mm; or
  • Use a ``Landscape" Page Setup instead of Portrait


Some of the Cut Specification indexes contain large lists of cut names and numbers. To search for a specific cut on an index page, it may be helpful to use the ``Find" function of your browser.

Following are the key combinations;

  • Windows® Users = Control + F
  • Macintosh® Users = Command + F
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