The Word Halal is an Arabic word meaning `lawful' and is one of the key religious terms used in the holy Qur'an. For meat to be identified as Halal, a Muslim in accordance with the requirements of Islamic law must slaughter the animal.


Muslim consumers purchasing Australian meat must be confident that the meat they purchase is not only safe and wholesome but has also been slaughtered and handled in accordance with Islamic law and therefore considered to be Halal meat. The Muslim market is very important to Australian meat industry and each Halal processor has documented procedures to ensure that Halal slaughtering and processing requirements is implemented at all stages of production.

Australia is renown for its commitment to the strict standard required for producing Halal meat and meat products, and along with the involvement and expertise of the Islamic Organisations registered to supervise and certify the production process, Australia is recognised as the world leader in this field.

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