Anterior - In the direction of, or situated to the front of the carcase.

Ageing - A natural tenderising process, which uses naturally occurring enzymes in meat to break down muscle fibre.

Aitch Bone - Rump bone.

Bovine - Cattle.

Bark - External connective tissue.

Blast Freezing - Frozen rapidly at extreme low temperatures.

Calf (Veal) - Bovine with no permanent incisor erupted and weighing no more than 70kg (HSCW).

Cartilage - (Breast) costal bone cartilage.

Caudal  - Pertaining to structures directed towards the tail.

Cervical - Pertaining to the neck.

Channel Fat - The fat of the pelvic cavity.

Chine - The body of the vertebrae.

Cow - Female bovine with eight permanent incisors teeth erupted.

Cranial - Pertaining to structures directed towards the head.

Cap Muscle - Muscle cover over the mass of the Topside.

Chilled - Product that is stored in a temperature range of 0 to 4 degree c.

Dorsal - Towards the back line or top of the animal.

Denuded - Primal cuts that have all surface fat removed.

Deckle - Fat and meat lying between the brisket bone and the main muscles of the brisket.

Eye Muscle - M. longissimus dorsi.

External fat - Outer surface fat cover on a carcase (subcutaneous fat).

Femur - Thigh bone.

Feather Bone - The spinous process of the vertebrae.

Fleece - Boning method of removing meat over ribs.

Frozen - Meat that has been reduced in temperature to below freezing point (< -1.5 degree c).

Grain Fed - Animals that have been fed on grain.

Grass Fed - Animals that have been fed on pasture.

HSCW - Hot Standard Carcase Weight.

Halal - Meat from animals ritually slaughtered under Muslim supervision.

Intercostals - Lean muscles situated between the rib bones.

Lateral - Away from the mid-line.

Marble - Intra-muscular fat deposits.

Ovine - Sheep.

Paddywhack - Connective tissue (ligamentum nuchae).

Patella Bone - Knee cap.

Primal Cut - Major separated cuts of the animal.

Posterior - In the direction of, or situated to the rear of the carcase.

Scapular - Blade bone of the shoulder

SSC - Secondary Sexual Characteristics.

Sub- Primal - Small portions derived from a major primal.

Vacuum Pack  - Product packed and sealed in an air tight bag.

Ventral - Towards the belly or lower side to the animal.

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